Manage your practice
anywhere, anytime

for lawyers

A platform that will help you manage your legal practice end-to-end; from customer management to finance.

For individual lawyers

All information you need in one single place for you to have a complete overview of your customers and cases

For law firms

Manage your team more efficiently, with an overview of all your employees and their cases.


How can we help you today?

We are a company that seeks to help lawyers all around the world to become more efficient and have more success in their practice. We are here to help you focus on what is important: managing your cases and customers.

All your customers
info in one place

With our customer management system created specificaly for lawyers you will be able to register, track activities and tasks and develop a long lasting relationship with your customers.

Be up to date
with your cases

Manage all your cases in one single place. Create tasks, upload documents and get to know your next step to become more efficient. Your customers will also have access to a customer portal so you can share status and data securely.

A finance module
that works for you

Our finance module let your track proposals, hours spent on a case, create invoices and track collection. The finance management burden reduced to a fraction of your time!

Start using
mercado legal today!

Embrace the future of legal practice with Mercado Legal. Start with a 30-day free trial and experience the transformation in managing your practice, customers, cases, and finances at a glance

Free Trial

You can test our solution for 30 days and cancel anytime, no questions asked!


An overview of your practice, customers, cases and finance at a glance

Case management

Keep up to date with your cases and tasks to be more productive

Customer management

Develop long lasting relationships with your customers, keeping track of them and offering added value.

Customer portal

Your customers with access to a exclusive customer area so you can exchange information and status in one single place.

Customer success team

Our customer success team understand your daily tasks and needs. You are a message away to get all the help you need.

Why you should invest in tech for your practice?

In an always involving world, be part of the tech revolution is key for your growth and success

Efficiency and Time Management

Boost your productivity with our system that streamlines case management and scheduling, freeing up time for your legal practice.

Data Security and Compliance

Ensure client data confidentiality with our secure, legally compliant management system, safeguarding sensitive information.

Financial Management

Manage your firm’s finances effortlessly with our intuitive tools for billing, tracking, and collection, enhancing financial accuracy.

Mobility and Remote Access

Work from anywhere with our system’s remote access capabilities, keeping you connected to your cases and clients on the go.

Customizable Workflows and Automation

Optimize your legal processes with our customizable system, automating routine tasks and focusing on your legal expertise.

For Lawyers

See the value of our tool from day one!

From the moment you start using Mercado Legal, you’ll witness the immediate impact it has on your legal practice. Designed to cater to the unique needs of individual lawyers and law firms alike, our tool promises efficiency, security, and comprehensive management from the very first day.

Feedback from our customers

We already helped more than 3 thousand lawyers around the world to become more efficient and successful!

Amei a plataforma, pude tira minhas dúvidas de forma clara e objetiva. Pude ter orientação de forma rápida, que eu não encontraria em outro lugar com tanta rapidez.
Carlos Nascimento
Eu gostei, realmente vou usá-la novamente quando precisar de advogado. Pena que não conheci antes, porque tenho tido advogados que simplesmente não sabem se comunicar. Não retornam chamadas, não atualizam o andamento do processo.
Patrícia Souza
Plataforma democrática onde podemos juntar as dúvidas das pessoas com o suporte de vários advogados dispostos a ajudar.
Maria Aparecida Pontes


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