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Introducing LegalPass for Your Employees

Unlock the power of legal support as an employee benefit, meticulously crafted to offer accessible and reliable solutions for legal matters, enabling your team to focus on their best work.



of the world population has faced legal issues

In the past 2 years, yet less than a third – 29% – had access to the necessary resources to resolve them.

Legal issues impact the mental health and well-being of your employees

can help bridge this gap

A small portion of problems were resolved with employer or union help. Your company has the opportunity to stand out in this movement and make a difference

Join us in ensuring your employees receive the necessary legal support and promoting a fairer, safer society. Schedule a presentation today.

We assist in understanding, solving, and preventing legal issues, enhancing employee well-being and performance.


We help employees better understand the situations they face and find paths to resolution quickly and simply, reducing the stress that legal problems bring to their daily lives.

Through the Legal Support Center, beneficiaries have access to immediate assistance from multichannel experts.


We provide the tools and support necessary to address legal issues simply, practically, and online.

Our network of lawyers is ready to offer reliable and secure assistance, ensuring a smooth and effective engagement.

Additionally, we offer an intelligent system for document and contract creation, further streamlining the process.


At LegalPass, we not only solve immediate legal problems but also invest in preventing future challenges.

Our commitment goes beyond quick solutions; we are dedicated to educating our users, providing resources and relevant information so they can avoid legal problems before they arise.

With accessible and understandable educational content, we empower our users to make informed decisions and proactively protect their interests.

From small to large-scale businesses, the
ideal solution for your company

Hundreds of companies trust and engage LegalPass

Offer tools and specialized support to your employees to resolve legal challenges safely.

Benefits for the HR Department

A solution that also addresses HR concerns in engaging employees and staying updated on legal content.

We've already helped over


individuals resolve their legal issues through our platform!

Carlos Nascimento
I loved the platform, I could clarify my doubts clearly and objectively. I could receive guidance quickly, something I wouldn't find elsewhere with such speed.
Carlos Nascimento
Patrícia Souza
I liked it, I will definitely use it again when I need a lawyer. Too bad I didn't know about it before because I've had lawyers who simply don't know how to communicate. They don't return calls, they don't update the progress of the case.
Patrícia Souza
Maria Aparecida Pontes
A democratic platform where we can combine people's doubts with the support of various lawyers willing to help.
Maria Aparecida Pontes
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